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Alberta can’t afford Ontario’s failed electricity policy

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It will get worse

We are sounding the alarm now before Alberta gets past the point of no return and loses the rest of its manufacturing sector.

The Alberta Government is rolling the dice with electricity prices, and Albertans are assuming all the risk. The government’s plan to destabilize our current system by forcing more wind and solar power into the system is a big-time gamble. They want 30% of Alberta’s electricity to come from wind turbines and solar farms by 2030.

Giant wind farms. Sprawling solar farms. More transmission towers. Extra hook up fees. What about the impact on wildlife and property values? Do we really want those things?

Then there is the risk that the cost of renewable electricity will rise dramatically as it did in Ontario, meaning higher electricity costs for families, businesses and those on a fixed income. In Ontario, electricity rates doubled in a decade. Doubled!

The Alberta Government says we must do more on the environment, but doesn’t Alberta already have a carbon tax. Didn’t it just go up 50% on January 1st ? Don’t we already have a cap on emissions from the Alberta oil sands, measures and costs our competitors don’t have to bear? We believe Albertans are already doing more than their share on the environment.

The Stop the Shock Campaign is designed to highlight the risks of moving away from a system that has served us well for a generation; a system that has contributed to the prosperity that made Alberta Canada’s leader in job creation, income growth and disposable income. We say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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How to prevent economic disaster

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Raise the alarm on this critical issue that will affect all Albertans. This information campaign must reach every lawmaker in Alberta. Here’s what we propose.

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