Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers to the most common questions about our campaign here.

It is a group of regular Albertans headed by Brooks businessman Todd Beasley. We call ourselves Albertans for Affordable Electricity and we are concerned that the government’s change of direction on electricity policy could drive electricity prices through the roof. The Ontario government forced a huge shift to wind turbines and solar farms and electricity prices doubled in 10 years. Now Alberta is doing the same. We can’t afford it. It will hurt families and destroy businesses.

We already know that the government isn’t telling the whole truth about the projected cost of generating electricity by wind and solar. They haven’t explained that consumers will have to pay millions upon millions for hook up fees to tie wind and solar farms into the grid. They haven’t talk about the cost of firing up natural gas plants to keep electricity flowing when the wind isn’t blowing or when the sun isn’t shining. Their lack of transparency and the disaster in Ontario and other jurisdictions around the world should cause everyone to step back and ask questions.

Being good stewards of the environment is always a top priority for Albertans, but Albertans are already doing more than their share. We have a carbon tax that just jumped 50% on January 1st. The oil and gas sector will soon face tough new regulations on methane. There is a cap on emissions from the oil sands. Albertans are already paying a heavy economic price for measures the government believes are important for addressing climate change. But these all come at an economic cost, a cost that our competitors in the United States and elsewhere, don’t have to pay. Albertans have already stepped up. We can’t bear more costs without driving away investment and compromising jobs.

You can help in several ways. Tell your friends about the Stop the Shock campaign, and ask them to like our Facebook page and share articles, and to sign up to receive our emails. You can ask people to donate to our cause so that we can continue to spread the word and make sure we push the government to be upfront with Albertans. You can call or write a letter to your MLA. Our website will explain how to do that. Finally, we encourage you to come to our meetings. Todd will be speaking around the province. Watch our website and Facebook page for times and locations.

We’re fortunate to live in a democracy. But a democracy implies personal responsibility and personal action. The views of the people always matter. If enough people join together, we’ll get some answers and we’ll get change. Please join with us and help us hold the government to account.