Industry and Manufacturing

For the last 30 years Alberta companies have enjoyed a combination of low taxes and low input costs that helped make Alberta the land of opportunity. People came to Alberta for the good jobs and to start their own businesses. But in the last few years the economy has slumped, taxes have risen sharply, regulations and red tape are piling up, and now there’s the risk of a sharp rise in electricity prices. This affects Alberta manufacturing.

In Ontario, many businesses are feeling the strain of sky high electricity prices that have doubled in just 10 years thanks to the Ontario government’s radical shift to wind turbines and solar farms. Ontario was Canada’s industrial heartland, but all of that is at risk now. Some businesses have closed, and others have moved. Alberta’s industry and manufacturing sector can’t afford more expensive electricity.

Tell the Alberta Government that we don’t want to replicate Ontario’s failures. Let’s keep the safe, stable and reliable electricity system we have today.