Every Albertan will be impacted by the government’s plan to change Alberta’s energy mix by backstopping wind and solar farms. The Alberta government’s goal is to provide 30% of Alberta electricity generation from wind turbines and solar panels by 2030. If they’re successful large corporations will install thousands of wind turbines and solar farms along some of Canada’s most beautiful and pristine landscapes.

Often, landowners who sign contracts to host these facilities don’t realize that they are liable for the safe dismantling and environmental remediation of these facilities should the corporation become defunct.

There are also serious concerns about the impact these facilities have on the land value of neighbouring landowners, to say nothing of the risk of a dramatic increase electricity prices. The Ontario example should give all Albertans cause for concern. After all, it’s not the government who pays if they’re wrong about future electricity price increases, its Albertans.

Join with landowners and tell the Government of Alberta that their rural livelihood and way-of-life is at stake if they force dozens of wind and solar farms onto the Alberta landscape.