Stop The Shock

Albertans for Affordable Electricity is a grassroots organization comprised of regular people who are concerned about the Alberta Government’s risky plan to force Albertans to get 30% of their electricity from renewables by 2030. We believe it’s risky because we have seen what happens in places like Germany and, closer to home, Ontario. Their rush to renewables has resulted in a dramatic jump in electricity prices. In 2006, Ontario electricity prices were 5.5 cents a kilowatt hour.

Then the Ontario government tilted the playing field to favour wind and solar power. In the next ten years electricity prices doubled to 11 cents a kilowatt hour. The Alberta Government is heading down the same path, and Alberta families, senior citizens and small businesses will be expected to pay up.

The government argues that we need to do more on the environment, but doesn’t Alberta already have a carbon tax? Didn’t it just go up 50% on January 1 st ? Don’t we already have a cap on emissions from the Alberta oil sands, measure that most of our competitors don’t have in place. We argue that Albertans are already doing more than our share on the environment.

The Stop the Shock campaign is designed to draw attention to the dangers of radically changing how Albertans get their electricity. We’ll shine a light on the extra costs and the risks associated with moving away from the reliable system we have today. We’ll talk about the impact on wildlife from wind and solar facilities and we’ll stand up for farmers and ranchers whose property values will be impacted when big corporation erect giant wind turbines next door. When we must, we’ll meet those big companies in court.

This is a volunteer effort. We’re relying on donors and volunteers to make our campaign a success. If you support our goals, we trust you’ll consider donating to our cause. Please see the Donate Button on our page.


S. Todd Beasley
Brooks Alberta